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ERP / CRM systems can serve organisations best when all functionality is fully integrated. EVisie Bizness systems offers this requirement in an affordable way.

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eVisie.BIZ software is developed with all modern IT Technology in mind. eVisie.BIZ software is affordable for every professional organization or company, from start-up to enterprise.


As a new service we offer  Vintage Programming. With this type of programming even old systems can function and service companies. We program in AMBER 4GL and several ancient programming Languages. If you need support for old programmed systems please do not hestitate to contact us.

eVisie Compliance Studio

eVisie Compliance Studio automates your non compliance detection based on every transaction in your database.

EVisie.BIZ Audit Services

To get a good, integer and independent conclusion of the quality of you IT system we can offer you a quick scan Audit (1 day) of a full official EDP Audit supervised by our official EDP Auditor.

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eVisie Bizness Instruments

A full, complete and Integrated ERP/CRM package which serves already many clients in Europe and Asia.

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